Conditional highlighting of cells

Sam Collins
Occasional Contributor

Hi all,

I have a calendar in year view that has the dates coloured based off of the type of event it is e.g. meetings are orange, reports due are blue etc etc

At the top, I have a legend/key, and what I want to achieve is that if the user clicks the Legen that is for meetings (orange) then all the cells within the calendar range that are of that category become highlighted (i.e. go to a darker orange or however specified)

Is that possible at all? 

To give some background, the calendar is 'populated' using a Events Table on another sheet which has the date, event title and category (amongst other info). When a new event is added, the conditional formatting on the calendar automatically recognises this and based on the event type, fills the correct date's cell. (It is difficult to explain without images or a workbook attached - but it is based on a post by Chandoo found here)

Because of this event type that is assigned to each event, I think there must be a way of linking all the cells that meet that condition with the Legend/Key but I just do not know how!

Thank you 

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