Conditional formatting to show all the non-matches between two ranges?

Connor McGuigan
Occasional Contributor

I have two named ranges, "AllVNs" and "JanVNs." They have a lot of overlap, but I need to find the values in JanVNs that AREN'T present in AllVNs. I tried the advanced filter, but it doesn't seem to be able to filter out matches and leave non-matches. Ideally, I'm looking for a conditional formatting formula that formats the cells in JanVNs that DON'T MATCH with values in AllVNs. A formula that produces a list of the non-matches would work as well.

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Here's my worksheet. AllVNs is on "Veh & Eq by Dept." sheet and JanVNs is on "Jan." sheet. I should mention it is possible that JanVNs completely matches AllVNs. 

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