Combine two Excel columns without losing data

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I need a way to combine two Excel columns without losing data. I would like a method which is fast and easy.

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What do you mean by combine? Text or numbers? What are you looking for the result to be?

The initial two columns consist totally of text. The combined column will be totally text, with the second text string connected to the first text string.

This information on this link explains how to merge text from two cells, but not two columns.





I would like to merge the two columns of text into one column of text.

The Merge and Center option on the Excel ribbon loses data.

There are ways to combine data from two cells into one cell. But, I am unable to find a way to combine the data from two entire columns.

Any option I find involves loss of data.

If you have data in A1 to A10    and B1 to B10   then in C1 type = A1&B1 then copy this formula down.

How do I copy the file down?

Copy the formula (Ctrl + c) then select the cells where the formula needs to go and Paste (Ctrl + v)

The column and row identifiers change for each cell, so this copy/paste method will not work.

could you post a sample file please

I combined a sample Excel file with two columns of text. The difference with the real Excel file is that I have over two thousand lines of text, so a manual copy/paste will not be useful.  Also, the version of Excel I am using does not have Power Query. 


It's not clear from the attached file what you want to do.
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