Check to see if number that is being input it divisible by another cell

Tyler Smith



I am having trouble figuring this out, I'm not sure if it is even possible. So I have a range of cells that a customer will be inputting data, this data must meet a full container quantity. So lets say A1 has a 10 pc box quantity, then whatever number they input in B1:B5 has to be divisible by 10. Is there anyway to make this automatically happen or maybe make a prompt letting them know that the number they entered is not divisible by what is in A1?


Thank you!

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You could add a total/sum cell somewhere on the sheet and light up A1 using Conditional formatting if the total/sum of B1:B5 doesn't match the value in A1.


Step 1: Add the helper cell.









Step 2: Add the Conditional Formatting Rule















Use custom this data validation formula in B1:B5, with B1 selected:
This may be your input message:
Enter a number divisible by the number in A1.
Lastly, this may be your error message:
The number you entered is not divisible by the number in A1. Please enter another number.

This works great, I was way overthinking it. Thank you for the help!!