Chart using dynamic (offset) named ranges gets set to "static" data referenced on re-open

Myles Gallagher

So I have some fancy chart that covers a dynamic range using named ranges + offset() functions.  Certainly these are some of the things that strain the limits of excel without entering the abyss that is VBA customization, so I expect some degree of fuss, but everything has been working well in recent history.


THis new chart is in an excel document that sees heavy co-authoring, and is stored in SharePoint.  After I close the sheet and re-open, all of the ranges I specified in the chart data get converted to references to "_r{1}", "_r{2}", ... "_r{9}" etc.  Which I assume are references to some static dataset.  

Is this a product of co authoring?  Has anyone seen this, and more importantly has anyone an idea on how to work around it?

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Would it be possible to make these range names superfluous by converting your ranges to tables and pointing to the tables directly?
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