Chart for Percentage Complete

Taryn Mancine
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Chart for Percentage Complete

I am trying to get a pie chart, or any chart, to show a percent complete.  In the example attached, I have gradient conditional formatting set to fill when the total count in 16.  I would like to make a chart out of this column to show a percent complete (16) vs. what is not complete (all of the other numbers).  I do not care what the number section is, I just would like to graphically show progress on complete and not complete.

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Re: Chart for Percentage Complete

Hi Taryn,


As an option you may show % in your Data Bar conditional formatting. Use for calculations COUNTA()/16, format W as %, and in formatting rule change Min and Max from 0 and 16 on 0 and 1.


Or you would like to have both number of filled and %?

Re: Chart for Percentage Complete

Hi Sergei

I am wanting a overview of progress complete.  The attachment was an example, but I have about 549 rows, but the last column of the row is the number complete.  I would like to take that column and all of them that show a 16 would represent 'complete' on a pie chart and the others would represent 'incomplete'.  Does that make a little more sense :)

Re: Chart for Percentage Complete

Taryn, let me clarify.

You have 549 rows (or so) from which let say 200 have status "complete" (shows 16 in W) and other 349 are incomplete (less than 16 in W). You'd like to have a pie which shows in % 200/549 as completed part and 349/549 as incompleted part, correct?



Re: Chart for Percentage Complete

Okay, in my assumption it looks like this



In Y1 and Z1 put the titles for your labels, in Y2 number of incomplete items

=COUNTIF(W:W, "<16")

in Z2 number of completed ones (assuming you ahve any infor in A columns for your items)


Above could be at any place of your workbook. Select Y1:Z2, in Ribbon Insert Pier Chart (or which one your prefer), stay on chart and in Ribbon->Design->Add Chart Element add/remove elements you wish, after that format Legend and add %, value, category name.


File is attached.




Re: Chart for Percentage Complete

This is exactly what I needed and was looking for!!!  I appreciate your help and time on this :)

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