Changing Date in web query

Stephen Smorol
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Changing Date in web query

How can I automatically change the date or enter a date in a cell to change where the web query gets the data table from? I also have a question on how you can do a date range? The dates are at the end of the url, and the ones with a range have the dates inside the url as well.

Some of the queries I want are for 14 days, 30 days, etc. 

Here are a couple examples. 

It seems some of the 14 day ones use actual dates and some may be based on the current date (9/26/17) in this example. 

Thanks in advance if you can help!





Thanks in advance!

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Re: Changing Date in web query

Re: Changing Date in web query

That doesn't work the way I want...I think I need to use power query

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