Change Date Type in Excel

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Hey, guys.


My doubt is kinda basic, but I'd much like to have some help.


I have a sheet with some data and I'm creatin a pivot table with this data. The problem I'm facing is that, although I have formatted the cells contining the date info equally, my pivot table gives different results for differente months. See, if I have 201901 in a cell, my pivot table gives me something like "Jan - 2019". But in february, it gives me the same format from the base sheet: "201902".


I have changed the category of the cells and I have used de format painter/brush and it doesn't work.



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Hi, @diogoferreiraac 

A few suggestions for now:

- Check if there are any extra spaces in any of the date cells at the beginning or the end of the number.

- Check if any of the date values are just a number format and has a proper date value on the cell.

- If you can, create an extra column on your date that transforms the date numbers you currently have to the format you need. Then use that column on your pivot table. 

I hope that any of these tips help. Good luck!

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