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I have an encrypted Excel file with macros.  It's run fine on several computers over time.  Tonight I just installed Office 2007 on a new Microsoft Surface Go.  I've meticulously copied over all my settings from another Win10 machine including enabling all macros, enabling all macros in my particular subdirectory, etc.


Yet the Surface Go refuses to execute macros.  Turns out that if I eliminate the password encryption the Go will run macros, otherwise not.


Any ideas how to make the Go treat macros the same as other Win10 machines?



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Hi @Thales670 


I don't own a Surface Go but if it is running Windows 10 in S mode, you may be limited in what you do due to the way the OS runs and the way it's configured for security.


Maybe one of these resources can help point you in the right direction?





There appears to be a one way switch out of S mode that's in the second link above. Might be worth considering if you want the full flavoured OS?


I hope something in this provides some answers.




That's a good thought, but...  First thing I did out of the box was kill S mode.  The System panel now reports it's running Win10 Home.  While loading various software though, I saw Microsoft would sneak the settings back into their store mode only, so I had to turn that off several times.


Possibly after taking it out of S mode, there are some sort of remnants floating about the internals of the OS that are not 100% normal Win10.  Or not.  


Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @Thales670 


Cool. Sounds like you have the bases covered.


The only thing I can think of is that Office 2007 may not be up to scratch on the newer O/S which is causing the issue.


Other than that I can't think of anything.


Hopefully you find a solution soon. Best wishes for fixing this issue!




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