Can you simultaneously change all linked cells' data in multiple Excel 2013 spreadsheets?

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Can you simultaneously change all linked cell's data in multiple Excel 2013 spreadsheets when any of the spreadsheets are changed?


For example, using the attached demo spreadsheets (Tests 1, 2 and 3), if you change cell A2’s data in Test 1, can you get it to automatically change the data in linked cells in Test 2 and Test 3 and vice versa (i.e. if data in either Test 2 or Test 3's linked cells are changed can you get it to change linked cell data in Test 1)?


Currently you can set it up to externally link data from 2 spreadsheet workbooks by one being the 'Source' file and one being the 'Destination' file. When you create an external link in the Destination file, it can link to data (and any changes) in the linked cell from the Source Doc. I basically want all my spreadsheets to be Source AND Destination files.

The Excel version is Excel 2013, part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

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