Can't figure it out!

Alison Flynn

Hi guys,


I've been working off the following formula and it's been working perfectly.  I now need to change the parameters somewhat and I'm struggling to get it to work.


If anyone could shed some light on it , I'm be most grateful! 


Here's the original one:  


So if AT2 is over 40 and H2 is Male, then its 1

If AT2 is >35 and H2 is Female then is 1

Also if AP is over 30 then it's 1 otherwise it's 0


What I've to change and add in is:

If AT2 is >=40 and H2=M then it's 0, if AT2 is >=37 then it's 5 otherwise it's 10, if AT2 is >=35 and H2 is F then it's 0, if AT2 is >=31.5 then it's 5 otherwise it's 10

And if AP2 is >=30 then it's 0, if AP2 is >=25 then it's 5, otherwise it's 10.


What I've put together is this:



but it's not working for me - not sure how to correct it, any ideas???



Thanks in advance for helping out!


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That's right Sergei, I hadn't any a response so I posted a more simpler version.


Well spotted!

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