Can I set up a workbook that multiple users update simultaneously without over typing each others?

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I want a workbook that multiple people can use at the same time and update where every entry is saved to the next available row and no data is over typed.  I have seen this before and believe some macros may be involved but I have no idea how to go about it myself.  Any suggestions welcome.  Thanks

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Hello SKington! With local storage you can write a vba code to being free to be edited former entries and after that being locked and stored again. This seems to be edited by multiple accounts but in fact it works stepwise. A real teamwork and a good versioning history is created with OneDrive and excel 2016, best is with set up a Flow on ms flow within office 365. That is real teamwork and you get control of every entry. But vba won’t work with OneDrive stored files. Greets, Eva

The easiest way to do this is with Microsoft Forms in an Office 365 business environment. You set up the form to ask the questions as to what goes in each field. Multiple users can fill out the form simultaneously and it will populate your Excel file one record at a time and prevent any overlap. The users won't edit or open the file in Excel. Just you would to get the data out, or you could connect to it from another Excel or Power BI file via Power Query. Just point it to that table in that file. In that event, no one opens the file in Excel. It is just a database.