Calorie Amortization Excel Template Issue

Raffaele Fusini
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Calorie Amortization Excel Template Issue


Today I came across the "Calorie Amortization" template on Excel. I started off by changing the preset information so it would fit me. I slightly altered some values from my real ones in the picture but that shouldnt change anything. The picture below shows this:Desk.png



So my issue comes with the weight column... It is supposed to represent my theoretical weight day by day and in this case it is supposed to go up rather than down. The formula for the weight column is: =IFERROR(IF(Maintain,"",Weight), "")


Could someone explain why this is happening and how I could fix it? Its not life threatening but it also ruins the spreadsheet. Anyway, thank you and have a nice day :)


EDIT: I also realised BMR goes down. BMR is calculated using the equation: (height in cm * x value) + (weight in kg * y value) - (age * z value). X,Y and Z values are not important, I am just noting that if weight goes down (as it does in the picture), BMR will also go down.

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Re: Calorie Amortization Excel Template Issue

can u upload the template, so that we can have a look at what is wrong?

Re: Calorie Amortization Excel Template Issue

I uploaded the file with the template. I hope this is what you meant.


Re: Calorie Amortization Excel Template Issue

I found the culprit formula which is in E12 


formula in E12  is =IFERROR(IF($D12<>"",E11-(I11/CalsPerPound),""),"")   which reduces the extra calories regardless if the cell I10 is CAL Decrease or EXTRA CAL


the formula in E12 down the column should be dynamic to check the value in Cell I10 and if it is CAL DECREASE it should reduce andif it is EXTRA CAL then it should increase 


so put this formula in cell E12 and copy down.


or simply find attached workbook.



=IFERROR(IF($D12<>"",IF($I$10="CAL DEFICIT",E11-(I11/CalsPerPound),IF($I$10="EXTRA CAL",E11+(I11/CalsPerPound))),""),"")


it should work by then.