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I'm sure this is a very simple answer, I just cant figure it out. I need to know how to make a column show percentages of the adjacent columns figure to a specific cell. For example; The single cell shows total sales figure, and the column shows expenses by category. How do I make a column next to expenses that show their percentage of total sales without having to change the formula in each cell in the column?

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Use absolute row reference for the total sales. If your expenses are in A2:A9 and your total sales in D1, your formula in B2, copied down to B9 is:
Format B2:B9 as Percentage.

Awesome, Thanks!

Remember this tip:
If you copy the formula down rows, lock the row by inserting a dollar ($) sign before the row number.
Conversely, lock the column by inserting a dollar ($) sign before the column number, if you copy across columns.
Succinctly stated:
Copy down rows? Lock row number
Copy across columns? Lock column letter
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