Calculate Time With Multiple Time Stamps

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Hello- I am trying to calculate the total hours worked when a user is scanning items with an RF Scanner in my Distribution Center? The "Data" looks like this and the "Time" is formatted in Military Time. Any help would be appreciated. Time Comments 15:05 Working 15:06 Working 15:07 Working 15:09 Working 15:10 Working 15:20 Working 15:31 Working 15:33 Working 15:59 Working 16:00 Working 16:09 Working 16:45 Went To Break Back Now (No Work Being Done) 17:00 Working 17:05 Working 18:00 Went To Break Back Now (No Work Being Done) 18:30 Working 18:45 Working 22:00 Went To Break Back Now (No Work Being Done) 22:05 Working 22:10 Working 22:11 Working 22:12 Working 22:13 Working 22:14 Working 22:15 Working 22:16 Working 22:18 Working 22:30 Working 23:00 Working

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@Sean_LSF , if manually how do you calculate that? End time (23:00) minus start time (15:05) and exclude intervals from "Went to break" stamp till next "Working" stamp, or what?

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