COUNTIF function

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I am trying to use the following COUNTIF formula
I am not getting a result and can’t figure out why. If I use the evaluate function it functions properly up until the result. Please help.
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With that function you compare each cell of your range with the text in second parameter. I guess no such texts in the range, result shall be zero.


You may use

=SUMPRODUCT( --($F$7:$AJ$7/$F$6:$AJ$6>0.95))

if there are no blank cells in row 6.


What I am trying to do with the function is compare efficiencies by day. If the production line produces 95% or high of the plan I want it to count 1. Attached is a basic example of my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is very large and adding extra rows is extremely time consuming and difficult due to the other sheets linked to this sheet. If actual production hasn't happened yet then the cell will read "" not blank also. 

You may use array formula (Ctrl+Shift+Enter to enter) as


It's in B6 in attached


Unfortunately this didn't work either. Row 4 contains an if formula that reads another sheet. The if formula returns " " if the cell in the other sheet is blank (if(isblank(Sheet1!A4),"",Sheet1!A4) for example. That is what is making this so difficult. @Sergei Baklan 

@Adam_Speerstra , if in row 3 is number and in 4 is empty string, in 5 shall be #VALUE! which calculated by formula correctly. Perhaps you could give a sample of what exactly not works? You may type into the cell ="" to imitate returned by IF empty string

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