Automating a few Processes in my document

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ok so i need help with a few things in google sheets. (this is for a game i play)



i have an importfeed function that brings a whole row of information its desplayed like this:

news:"<a href = \"http:\/\/www.torn.com\/profiles.php?XID=2224947\">Azicio501<\/a> deposited 1 x Cannabis"} "

in the first cell then it gives me a sort of time stamp next to it:

"  289693138:{"timestamp":1553669583  "

what im trying to do is connect that information to a graph in sheets. the problem i run into is because all the information is in one cell i can't make the document recognise if something gets used or deposited.



with the time stamps i wanted to find a way where the document can update itself but know what cells are the new information.


any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

link to my document:


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