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I have hit a wall with my file and I need help.

Tried google....I would sit countless hours on it and maybe do it.....

I am trying to implement a choice tree structure. B


Depending on the choice different result that could also be a choice.

So a tree structure of :

A = {ChoiceB{choiceE, F} , C , ChoiceD{ChoiceG,H}}




ChoiceI = {L, M}


And it goes:

A1 = A      B1 = ChoiceB (choiceE)   C1=C     D1 =ChoiceD(ChoiceG)

                 B2 =  J                                            D2 = K

                 B3 = ChoiceI (L)



Someone has idea on how to do it?

Right now I'm playing with VBA but ...It goes very slowly.               




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Is this (the worksheet, not the picture) any use.  It was written in 2012 and, unfortunately, I have largely forgotten it.  You appear to have multiple answer choices rather than simple Yes/No but, on the other hand, your graphs seem to be proper trees rather than more general forms.

I also have versions that are visually more dramatic (picture) but at the moment they no longer appear to work consistently on my computer.


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