Align Columns with Duplicates

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Hi there!


I'm currently working on a user list that says what applications they have installed. I wish to align the values like you would here:

It uses this formula, =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A2,F:G,2,FALSE)),0,VLOOKUP(A2,F:G,2,FALSE))

which only aligns if the two master columns that match together align well.

However, there are some duplicates in the list, and I would like those duplicates to go into the same cell. Let me give you an example.

What I have:

John   John App #1
Jane   John App #2
Tom  Jane App #1
Rob  RobApp #1
Etc.  RobApp #3
Etc.  RobApp #4

What I would like to do, is that those apps all appear next to the user's name in one cell, like so.

John App #1, App #2 John App #1
Jane App #1 John App #2
RobApp #1, App #3, App #4 Jane App #1
Etc.  RobApp #1
Etc.  RobApp #3
Etc.  RobApp #4


Would this be possible, through some godly formula?

Its a 300 row file that I might have to do again sometime, so I would rather not do it manually.




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Hello @Deleted,


If you have Excel 365, you may use the TEXTJOIN() function.


See example here: 


Hope this helps!

@PReagan This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much.

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