95% Confidence Interval to Bar Graph

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I am trying to add 95% confidence intervals to my bar graph in excel. I have 5 categories, each with one number (that I was told are averages) and I was given an upper and lower confidence interval for each number. However, excel doesn’t recognize these as CIs since they were not calculated in excel (and I don’t have the raw data).


I tried to add custom error bars but the upper and lower CIs were always off by about 1. I don’t think this method is working, is there another way to do it in excel? Am I doing something wrong?


Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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In general it works, standard 95% or custom (could be array constant or cells range) 



I tried to input the numbers directly as shown in the image @Sergei Baklan , but the error bars are way off. Am I doing something wrong?



Hi @Julie1 ,


But it shows correctly. Let take Q1 bar:

value = 18.28

LCI =11.69, thus it shows 18.28-11.69=6.59

UCI=27.42, error bar shows 18.28+27.42=45.70

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