Introducing Ideas in Excel to Win32 and Mac. Coming soon to Excel Online.  Untitled picture1.png

We’re looking for feedback on Ideas in Excel for languages: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. If you speak these languages and are an Office Insider  join the Excel Ideas competition and get a chance to win $100 vouchers!   


What is Ideas? 


Understanding data can be a challenge, especially if the volume of data is large or if it's an unfamiliar dataset. With Ideas (previously known as Insights), Excel automatically points out interesting patterns in user data, like trends and outliers. Ideas in Excel shows high-level summaries, statistically significant findings, and recommended visualizations. Ideas also helps you leverage the full power of Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts.


Since the last blogpost we've received great feedback and as a result there have been exciting changes!


Updates include:

  • Easier to understand chart previews
  • New analysis types including scatter charts and outliers
  • Updated machine learning models to make even more powerful suggestions
  • Now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese


Here are some examples:


Support for Scatter Charts

 Cluster Scatter.png

Details and Subtitles, We’ve added subtitles to include additional supporting information to help you better understand suggestions



Feedback: we want to hear from you about your experiences. Go to File > Feedback and select the appropriate feedback option. Include the term: "Ideas in Excel" in your feedback. 



Competition: we're recruiting for Excel fans who speak French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Check out the competition details.


Feature availability: This feature is being made available to customers on a gradual basis over several days or weeks. It will first be available in English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese to Office Insider participants on Windows and Mac, and later to Office 365 subscribers. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office.


For more information check out Ideas in Excel


Super Contributor

In message center it provides a link to Answers forum about how to disable this for organization. In this forum it talks about creating a GPO. This is not very convenient. I will have to search for compatible admx file and create another GPO just to disable one service. This should be an option in admin center or PowerShell. Even better, to disable any intelligence services in any form for a whole tenant.

New Contributor

Why would you not partner with Icefire/Pointfire for translation?  There are so many tools out there - I am impressed you are asking...


Hi @John Day thanks for your comment, which I interpreted to be about the TechCommunity Ideas competition.  We have posted a clarification on what the Excel Ideas Competition is about: the Ideas experience is already available to Insiders in these languages (French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese). We are not looking for help with translation at the moment.  The competition is seeking out feedback from Office Insiders speaking those language on the experience they have as well as any issues they encounter.  I hope that helps clarify the intent! Please feel free to post a response if we misunderstood your question.


Many thanks, Urmi

Microsoft Excel PM


Hi @Oleg K, thanks for your comment. 

This link in the Answers forum is about Turning off all Intelligent Services via Group Policy Option: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_powerpoint-mso_win10-mso_o365b/turning-o.... If you want to disable just Ideas, you can do it through this GPO: User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Excel 2016\Intelligent Services\Remove Insights button from the Ribbon.

Is the above information helpful?

Out of curiosity, could you tell us more about why you are looking into disabling these services (for e.g. are you concerned over privacy)? At Microsoft we value our customers’ privacy, you can read more about how we deal with data at our Privacy Statement.



Mar - Microsoft Excel PM

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Privacy and personal data protection is the main concern. Where does the data is sent when calculating insights? In what form, where is it stored and for how long? Ok, so there is a GPO, which i can apply and assume it will work on every machine. But  having a tenant wide switch would be more convenient and fail proof. Or maybe service specific (Forms, Office, etc.).