Three Enterprise Mobility Trends to Watch for in 2015

First published on CloudBlogs on Jan 08, 2015
Moving Beyond BYOD Now that BYOD has become standard in most workplaces, it’s time to look past standard device management. Most companies already have a mobile device management strategy in place. This year there will be increased focus on holistic enterprise mobility management (EMM). This emphasis will be on protecting company data no matter what device it lives on. The solutions that will succeed in the enterprise in 2015 must have data protection capabilities, identity and application management, as well as mobile device management. Increasing Security In 2014 there were a number of large data breaches that truly highlighted the need for first class security in the enterprise. This year, companies and solutions will be putting a higher premium on security. The situation to watch is how this increased push for security affects end users. IT will need to find a way to balance security and ease of access and use for company employees. When proper solutions are not implemented, this scenario becomes a reality. Embracing the Hybrid Scenario Security in the cloud has increased exponentially in the past few years. Companies are gaining trust in the cloud and are starting to notice the benefits of shifting to a hybrid strategy. With the increased number of employee owned devices in the enterprise, the elasticity of the cloud will become more important to businesses this year and moving forward.