Refresh of the 1604 Update to the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library

First published on CloudBlogs on Jun 09, 2016
We wanted to let you know that we have refreshed the 1604 release of the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library previously announced here . This updated version (5.0.8373.1189) replaces the previous version (5.0.8373.1182) and you may download it here . Additional fixes in this release include:
  • Add/Set-CMGooglePlayDeploymentType and Add/SetCMIosDeploymentType not adding MAM details on Configuration Manager current branch v1511 and above
  • Add/Set-CMMsiDeploymentType not having option to configure InstallationBehaviorType
  • Add-CMCollectionToAdministrativeUser UserId parameter not recognized
  • Get/New/Remove/Set-CMDeviceVariable not working with pipelined objects
  • Move-CMObject and New/Set-CMSoftwareUpdateAutoDeploymentRule fixes
  • New-CMWindowsServicingPlan unable to set AvailableTime or SuccessPercentage
  • Remove-CMAutoDeploymentRuleDeployment missing Force parameter
  • Remove-CMIntuneSubscription not working
  • Set-CMConditionalAccessPolicy not recognizing Add/RemoveExcludedCollectionName/Id
  • Set-CMIntuneSubscriptionAppleMdmProperty and Set-CMIntuneSubscriptionWindowsPhoneProperty NullReferenceException failures
You will find information about the new cmdlets and other enhancements in the Cmdlet Library for the 1604 update in the Release notes here . For additional information about the Cmdlet Library, please refer to the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library Documentation and the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Help Reference . Please keep the feedback coming. You can provide product requests for the Cmdlet Library on the UserVoice site for Configuration Manager: https://configurationmanager.uservoice.com/ . You may report issues on the Connect site for Configuration Manager: https://connect.microsoft.com/ConfigurationManagervnext . -Yvette O'Meally Additional resources: