New Content: Test Lab Guide: Deploying an AD RMS Cluster using Windows Server 2012

First published on CloudBlogs on May, 31 2012

Hi folks,

We have some new updates to the TechNet Library for AD RMS documentation. .

I'll let our lead writer, Brad Mahugh, fill you in on the details!


Hi folks,

As was promised in an earlier post, we have some new content to share in celebration of Windows Server 2012 which we just shipped in a release candidate (RC) preview of today. In previous releases of Windows Server, we had Step-by-Step guides such as the AD RMS Step-by-Step Guides that helped folks with the detailed instructions they needed to set up AD RMS and Windows Server for their own testing. We've now updated the main one of those guides to a new format called a Test Lab Guides (TLGs) . The main difference with the TLGs are that we try to leverage a base TLG that you can use to create a simple repurposeable base virtual machine (VM) lab environment. We then create other TLGs such as the one for AD RMS that leverage and extend the base TLG to support additional scenarios.

With that in mind, here's the updated TLG for deploying AD RMS in a simple lab environment. The main things you will notice is that there are a lot more Windows PowerShell commands provided to help you complete setup more quickly and see how to script and deploy server configurations faster. The other big change is we show you exactly how to deploy SQL Server 2012 in trial version mode on a remote server computer. There's a bit of additional configuration involved but it should all be in there and ready for your enjoyment.

So go get Windows Server 2012 RC and have a look at the the new AD RMS TLG here:

And be sure to leave comments here if you do and let us know what you think or if we missed something really important to you.