Mitchells and Butlers boosts service and satisfaction with managed mobile platform

First published on CloudBlogs on May, 23 2014

Established in 1898, Mitchells & Butlers runs many of the United Kingdom’s most famous restaurant and pub brands. Every year, Mitchells & Butlers’ retail teams serve approximately 130 million meals and 410 million drinks.  Behind the great food and memorable experiences served up daily at every Mitchells & Butlers establishment, technology plays a significant supporting role.

Mitchells & Butlers distributed iPod touch devices running iOS 6 for its wait staff and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets running the Android operating system for its front-of-house staff and site managers.  “To enable our business strategies, we needed a mobile device management solution,” says Tim Banham, Solution Architect at Mitchells & Butlers ”In our restaurants and pubs, many employees share one mobile device, so we wanted a flexible management solution to accommodate that scenario.”

The company’s IT staff uses Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 datacenter solutions to manage Mitchells & Butlers corporate devices that operate behind its firewall.  “Our biggest priority was to find a solution that interoperated with System Center 2012 R2 so that we could manage all our devices from one console,” says Andy Turner, Technical Lead, Infrastructure, at Mitchells & Butlers.”

Mitchells & Butlers chose Windows Intune , the PC and mobile device management service solution from Microsoft that provides both cloud-based and on-premises capabilities.  “We looked at Air Watch and Mobile Iron, but Windows Intune required no infrastructure, is user-friendly, and connects with the Configuration Manager component of System Center 2012 R2 to offer a single console for both PCs and mobile devices,” says Banham.

In December 2013, Mitchells & Butlers subscribed to 8,500 Windows Intune licenses for its mobile devices. Site visits to configure the iPods will commence in spring 2014. The iPods will run an app called iServe, which was developed for the company’s retail teams to take orders and send them to the kitchen.

Another app, called iZone Tables is being developed for front-of-house staff. “iZone Tables is a browser-based, hosted app that runs on Android tablets that we plan to manage with Windows Intune,” says Turner. “By the end of 2014, we’ll have enrolled 8,500 devices in total.”

Mitchells & Butlers considers Windows Intune a foundational technology solution that will help the company enact its strategic business plans.  Now that Mitchells & Butlers has laid the groundwork for a mobile platform for the field, it can use Windows Intune to easily deploy more apps to the devices.

“This is just the beginning of a new way of working for our retail teams,” says Banham. “By using Windows Intune, we can improve staff members’ work experience and guest satisfaction, while reducing IT labor and operational costs. Everyone wins.”

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