Mac RDP Source Code Now Available to RDP Licensees

First published on CloudBlogs on Mar, 16 2011

In a previous blog entry , we announced that Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) licensees now had access to RDP source code to help licensees make their own RDP clients. We've now expanded that source code to include not only the Windows RDP source, but the source for the Mac RDP client. As with the Windows RDP source, this code is for reference only and only available to RDP licensees.

The Mac RDP client source code includes the following features.



Connectivity and capability, including codec negotiation

Maintains connectivity stages and client capability exchange.

Bulk compression

Includes multiple bulk compressors, including the most recent RDP 7 era decompressors.

Bitmap compression

Includes multiple bitmap compressors.

Clipboard redirection

Supports copy and paste of text.

Audio playback redirection

Enables basic audio remoting over RDP that is played on the client device.

For more information about the Mac RDP client, see the Microsoft Office:mac site. To learn more about the business aspects of licensing RDP, please send email to IP Licensing Requests at iplicreq@microsoft.com .