Integrating App-V with Microsoft VDI

First published on CloudBlogs on Mar, 12 2013

Often I’m asked by customers if they should use App-V with Microsoft VDI. The answer is a resounding yes!  App-V 5.0 is designed to be easy and efficient to use in VDI environments (both session-based and virtual machine-based desktop deployment), allowing IT to make the best use of expensive disk resources without changing the way they get their jobs done. It lets IT simply choose to turn off local application storage, dramatically reducing disk requirements for VDI while leaving the application provisioning and update process unchanged.

By using App-V with Microsoft VDI IT can achieve higher session densities (incompatible applications can be hosted on the same Remote Desktop Session Host server) and lower storage costs.  In addition, App-V can be leveraged across both physical as well as VDI deployments as part of an overall desktop strategy.

Read all about it in the new white paper: Integrating App-V with Microsoft VDI White Paper .