Ignite Keynote Demo Recap: Document Tracking & Secure Collaboration with Azure RMS

First published on CloudBlogs on May 04, 2015

What’s new:

This demo showed the new Document Tracking feature from Azure Rights Management . This is a new capability that allows document senders to track who is accessing or trying to access sensitive files that they have shared using the RMS Sharing app. This tool is also incredibly valuable because it does not require additional user training, it is part of a familiar workflow, and it uses templates and policies that are already established for sharing sensitive data with Azure Rights Management. This feature allows you to see where and when your document is going, and it also alerts you to any unexpected sharing attempts. Pretty amazing stuff. This was one of several jaw-dropping moments during the keynote. In preview, this feature will be available to all Office 365 and EMS customers at no additional charge (more on this below).

How this helps:

The practical applications of this are vast. The sender can view which recipients have opened the file(s), see information about unauthorized access attempts, and view the most recent state of the file. The sender can also view the geographical locations of each access attempt – whether successful or unsuccessful. Also, with a single click, access to this document can be revoked. If, for some reason, access to a document needs to be revoked, the user can revoke access and the file can no longer be opened. Users can be in complete control of sensitive documents. There’s also the matter of its current list price of zero dollars.

Why you need this in your life:

  • This feature provides a previously impossible level of control over who can see a document, and an equally previously impossible amount of insight into access attempts to the file.
  • This is the first and (relatedly) best document protection solution of its kind.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • In preview, this feature will be available automatically and at no additional charge to all customers who have the following: Office 365 E3/E4 subscription, Azure Rights Management standalone subscription, and/or Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite.
  • After GA, only customers having Azure Rights Management Premium subscription or the Enterprise Mobility Suite will have the ability to use this feature.
  • To track activities directly from the document, users need the RMS Sharing app installed. If users choose to use the tracking site URL to see the list of shared documents and track activities on them, no special configuration or setting is required.

Get to work!

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