How to become a Remote Desktop MVP

First published on CloudBlogs on Sep 21, 2015
Are you a Remote Desktop Services expert and community leader that desires to participate in a deep and meaningful way with Microsoft and the engineering team that develop RDS and related technology?  If so, then submit your nomination to become a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP).  If accepted you’ll join a program of elite technical individuals that grants you direct access to Microsoft engineering teams and resources covered by a non-disclosure agreement that allows access to information beyond the public realm. You can nominate yourself or someone else, nominations are always open and selections occur quarterly. This quarters nomination cycle closes October 15th and new MVP’s will be notified January 2016. Submit your nomination now What can you expect from being an MVP? The biggest benefit beyond the deep product group interaction is also being invited to the annual MVP Summit held on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.  MVP’s from around the world will congregate to hear directly from various corporate executives and engineering teams on Microsoft products, solutions, and services along with being able to engage directly with the people that develop, support, and maintain including undisclosed product futures. Beyond the yearly MVP summit, being an MVP has many other incentives such as; MVP’s have direct access to the engineering product group, participate in monthly product group facilitated conference calls, get MSDN credits, and can participate in other product group interactions.   Being an MVP helps you too, beyond the MVP title award, you’ll have opportunities to participate in videos (such as Channel 9, MVA, and others), present at first party Microsoft events such as Ignite or //Build, get early access to unreleased products, ability to participate in software development process providing feedback and seeing demos of products early in their development phase.  Lastly you’ll get the opportunity to  appear on official Microsoft social mediums as guest bloggers or other social media outreach channels.  Overall this helps the world get to know you while allowing you to share your passion back with the community. Read general information about the MVP program and submit your nomination now ! Thanks from the entire Remote Desktop team.