Helping You Make Your End-Users More Comfortable

First published on CloudBlogs on Jul 23, 2015
If you who are actively managing mobile devices in your company, then you’re already keenly aware of the concerns end-users have when IT wants to bring their device under management – especially if that device is personally owned. To be clear: Those concerns make a lot of sense . After all, our phones and mobile devices are intensely personal. So what’s the balance?  My experience in talking with IT Pros and end-users is that most end-users understand the need to protect company data and are willing to allow IT to place policies on the corporate apps and data that is stored and accessed on their mobile device. But , because they are not aware of what IT is able (and not able) to do and see on a mobile device, many device users approach the conversation of mobile device management with a justifiable amount of trepidation. The area where I have my team more focused than any other right now is on deeply understanding any challenges that cause delays in getting your EMS purchases deployed.  My engineering team works to understand and internalize every challenge and speed bump that causes you delays – and we work exhaustively (literally!) to find ways to resolve this for you. I’ve also seen this proactivity filter down to a lot of organizations using EMS. In fact, in a recent set of customer conversations, I saw multiple organizations creating content to send to their device users that educate them on why mobile device management was important, as well as what IT would be able to do (and not do) to those devices. With all of this in mind, we thought it would be helpful for us to create a base document that any organization in the world could use to educate their users about device management.  You can download that document here . This doc can be easily (and extensively) customized and then sent to your user community to help them understand the importance of protecting company data, as well as the steps you’re taking to protect what is personal on the user’s mobile devices. This is a living document, and we’ll be updating it with additional modules, like info on Conditional Access and MFA. We’ll also be adding links to step-by-step videos, info about specific operating systems – all of which will make things even easier for end users. Let us know what else you need in a doc like this – and don’t hesitate to share information about the speed bumps you encounter in getting deployed. We’re here to help!