Enterprise Mobility Suite integration with Windows 10

First published on CloudBlogs on May 28, 2015
Brad Anderson recently posted a blog discussing the upcoming innovations in EMS regarding Windows 10. Below is a snippet to get you started. There are a handful of apps that people want to use in both personal and business contexts. The browser is certainly one, and the Office mobile apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook) also top the list. We have made huge investments in the EMS/Intune MAM capabilities to enable “multi-identity” usage in a single app.During the day, you may be using Excel to create, edit, or view corporate content such as sales forecasts or costs. The company wants to protect sensitive data like this and it wants to apply policies about where the user can save this corporate content to (as well as wanting to prevent this data from being copied and pasted into a personal app). At home, this same individual may be using Excel to create, edit, or view details about the budget for the PTA, or for a little league team they are coaching. In this case, the DLP (data loss prevention) policies should not apply and, in fact, IT should not even be aware of how the app is being used in the individual’s personal life. Read the full post here and find out how these capabilities will come into play for Windows 10.