First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 27, 2016
Exciting news! Today, we mark a great milestone in making it easier for developers to use our Intune App SDK to prevent data loss in their mobile iOS and Android apps. After some great collaboration with the Visual Studio and Xamarin teams, we are releasing two important development tools for the SDK: Intune App SDK Xamarin component and the Intune App SDK Cordova plugin. Last year, we released the Intune App SDK for iOS and Android; the SDK enables developers to easily build data protection and app management features into mobile apps, and subsequently allows admins to manage these apps via Microsoft Intune. Since then, we’ve been hearing from many of our enterprise customers that they’ve also been building cross-platform apps for their line-of-business needs, so we put a team of talented engineers to work thinking about how we can support their needs. The plugin and component were designed specifically for use when building cross-platform mobile apps on either the Xamarin or the Cordova platforms, making it easy for developers to bake in mobile application management (MAM) controls as part of their standard development process. If you are a developer building a cross-platform app, you can quickly add them to your project, with very little modification to your mobile app. Both are essentially embedding our native Intune App SDK functionality (so you get the same features) but with the ease of use that they provide. To get started, you can download the Intune App SDK and its plugins. You can find the SDK and all plugins on Github at https://aka.ms/intunegithub . Xamarin component will be available and supported with the upcoming release of Xamarin Cycle 7 and above. You can also get a Microsoft Intune trial to test your mobile app. If you are building a store app and your company doesn’t have extended access to Intune, you can apply by e-mailing msintuneappsdk@microsoft.com . Visit the What’s New in Microsoft Intune page for other recent developments. Additional resources: