Welcome to the Driving Adoption Blog!

Welcome to the Driving Adoption forum blog!  We're excited to have this space dedicated to the conversations, leadership perspectives and experience of those of us driving adoption of Microsoft products and services.  


Having studied service adoption as an IT professional and an organizational change leader I'm happy that the industry is seeing the importance of our skills in this area.   In our cloud centered world there are many options for employees to meet their own needs and sometimes with solutions not sanctioned by corporate IT.  Adoption professionals play an important role in fostering communication between business leaders, IT professionals and end-users to ensure that the best possible solution is not only deployed, but well used in a company.  


We will be introducing here adoption professional from inside Microsoft who will share their insights with you.  Today, we are also announcing our expanded Office 365 Champions program which will provide members with exclusive access to Microsoft experts, early release tools and resources that will help you along this journey.   You can join that community by signing up at http://aka.ms/O365Champions today. 


We look forward to continuing the conversation with you and all the important feedback that you will share to improve your experience in our forum!  

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Hi  @Karuana Gatimu


The http://aka.ms/o365champions ...link doesn't work to the ressource  :D 

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Link not available

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Hello all and thanx for the comments.  The interim issue that the site experienced should be resolved for the https://aka.ms/O365Champions link.  Please post back here if you continue to have any issues!  



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Hi @Karuana Gatimu,


I still get

We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.

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When I tried to signin to:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/success/champions?rtc=1

The webpage cannot be found - I suspect it happens to those with both personal and work accounts using the same email address.

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I attended your adoption workshop at Ignite and am looking for the slides and other resources you showed in your presentation (project plan). I don't see a link provided in the session description.


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Hello All,

I have recently joined this blog and am thinking if someone can update the original post / create a new post with working URLS.

Also, can we have a TEAM Site created and we all can collaborate and share our feedback and solutions through TEAMS ?



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I'm a german IT-Consultant and I'm really looking forward to learn more about "New Work" with Office 365...can I get access to the community?

#share #work #collaborate


Regards Philipp