Microsoft Releases the Service Adoption Specialist Certification


We are excited to announce the release of our Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Certification online course.  Delivered through our partner, EdX.org this course is designed to help you understand the six knowledge areas required to successfully drive the adoption of Microsoft services in your company.  While all great service adoption is technology agnostic, this course uses Microsoft Teams, our hub for teamwork, as the example service throughout the material.  A Service Adoption Specialist brings together business acumen, technical knowledge with an understanding of how to drive change and passion for helping people under one umbrella. 


Our material is interactive - with videos, case studies and other visuals - to create an engaging experience.  Whether you have a formal organizational change management background, are an IT professional or are entirely new to this industry this baseline course is appropriate for you.  Do these three simple things:


  1. Find your Tribe - Participate in the conversations here in the Driving Adoption forum and also join our Office 365 Champion program to participate in our free monthly community calls chock full of information about all our teamwork solutions.
  2. Tell the Story - Our recently released Microsoft Teams Adoption Toolkit is delivered in a unique, mobile friendly way that helps you answer the questions of, "Why Teams?" and "How do I get started?"
  3. Get Certified! - Validate your skill set and expand your career by taking our online course at https://aka.ms/AdoptionCert and certifying your capability in this new and emerging area today. Share this certification in your organization and online.

The EdX platform is also where we deliver our course for IT Professionals entitled "Enabling Teamwork with Microsoft Teams" that focuses on the configuration, deployment and management of that service. Take this course to expand your technical knowledge of Microsoft Teams.


Our innovation in this area would not be possible without the contributions of many people across the industry. I've noted their names in the "Acknowledgement and Thanks" section of our course. Become familiar with these leaders who are experts and fantastic supporters of this community!


Give us feedback on your experience here or within the discussion forums on EdX. We are always listening!

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I completed the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist course and think it was time well spent.  I recommend the program to anyone involved with user adoption/organizational change management activities.


I have 20 years of OCM experience and a Prosci certification, yet I still learned valuable tips and tricks in this program.  I am impressed with the investment that Microsoft made in this training and in the Microsoft Teams Adoption Toolkit.   I think the course content and related materials can easily be customized to suit the needs of any company/change initiative.


I look forward to participating in 365 Champion calls and in collaborating with others in the community.


Thank you VERY much @Valerie_Smith - I will likely print this post and hang it on my wall!  It's been a lot of heavy lifting and I'm SO excited for it to finally be launched! 


You might want to spell-check your tags ;)

I just got to this line (in Organizational Development): "There is no replacement for empathy in driving a superior employee experience." Sheer brilliance. Loving this course already!


The course (and certification) is meaningful to me in these ways:


  • Cloud services has significantly changed (and will continue to change) the role for those of us who identify with the "IT Professional” brand. As an IT Professional interested in people and technology, we now clearly have a path to pivot our careers – this course establishes and defines that path.


  • A few years ago, the classic/traditional Prosci Certified Change Practitioner course (and certification) ignited my curiosity for adoption & change management. Today, the modern service adoption content in this course is fueling my passion for people AND technology even more 😊.


  • Finally, I recently read about the concept tied to this quote: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It’s all about community!  Thank you for leading the service adoption community and encouraging community participation.


Thank you – good job👏.


PS: there’s a ton of feedback floating around in my head but I’ll save those for a different thread 😊.

Great course, thx for sharing all these resources

I completed this course 10 days ago and I was really surprised how clearly Karuana described Microsoft vision on how to drive Adoption not only to Microsoft Teams, but to every service! I totally enjoyed learning the adoption framework and absolutely this course to everyone who wants Office365 projects to succeed

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Just completed the "Microsoft service adoption specialist" course. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about how to drive change in an organisation on these topics.

I can also recommend to certify as a "CIE facilitator" and dive into this website of Microsoft regarding change management.


Very usefull to become a user adoption / change management specialist.


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Thanks @Karuana Gatimu! Finally, I was able to complete the Service Adoption Specialist course. 


One of the things I remember when taking an Org Behavior course is the ability to socialize the change so I've included a YouTube video to promote awareness for Microsoft Teams in my Twitter quick review. 






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Is the test for this certification obtaining the certificate from edX or can I audit the course and take the test elsewhere?