Earlier this year we released a Beta Preview of Custom Learning for Office 365, to help you increase usage and adoption of Office 365 in an organization.


The early adoption of this in the market has been both humbling and exciting.  While early adoption has been strong we heard your clear feedback that you wanted to leverage this more broadly to help with usage and adoption for all of Microsoft 365. 


Today we’re pleased to announce the Beta Preview of Microsoft 365 learning pathways.  Microsoft 365 learning pathways is a customizable, on-demand training solution designed to increase usage and adoption for all of Microsoft 365 in your organization.


m365.pngIntroducing Microsoft 365 learning pathways, your customizable, on-demand training solution

Once you easily provision the fully customizable SharePoint communication site through the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service you can create targeted training pathways to meet the unique needs of your company or use those that we’ve provided within the solution.  Creat custom playlists by blending learning content from Microsoft’s online content catalog with your organization’s support and process training.  You can also integrate partner content to create enhanced training pathways. All of the Microsoft content is connected to an online Microsoft content catalog so you can rest assured knowing that the content on your site is automatically updated to stay current with our product features and best practices.


2.pngThe SharePoint Online Provisioning Service makes it easy to provision learning pathways in your organization.

The Beta Preview of Microsoft 365 learning pathways is the first step in a continuing journey.  Later this year we plan to release additional features to help you such as:

  • Multi-language support of 9 languages
  • Support for multiple templates or content sets
  • Release of Microsoft 365 adoption guidance content to streamline your adoption journey
  • Quarterly updates of new online content
  • Open source release of the complete solution 
  • Roadmap for onboarding of Education, government cloud and firstline worker related content
  • Partner specific onboarding guidance

Several existing Microsoft partners offer training solutions for Office 365 and Windows 10 and offer premium services that go beyond the capabilities of Microsoft 365 learning pathways, providing unique and compelling value that further helps customers adopt Microsoft technology. Unique partner capabilities include custom course design, instructor-led design, gamification, user behavior analytics, extensive communication engagement features and live support. We are excited to have a strategic sampling of them with us on this journey to the release of learning pathways. 


Depending on the size and complexity of training and adoption needs in your organization it is possible to use our solution in combination with partner offerings to create a robust adoption & training program for your employees. 


Provision the Beta Preview of Microsoft 365 learning pathways to your tenant today and customize it to increase usage and adoption for all of Microsoft 365 in your organization.  Share your feedback and experience with us here in the Driving Adoption forum in the Microsoft Technical Community.


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Great News! Is it possible to get more detail on the planned release schedule, especially regarding the multi-language support. @Karuana Gatimu 

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I'm looking forward to seeing the road maps.

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Hi @Karuana Gatimu,


I'm a little confused.  Is the Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways a replacement for the Office 365 Custom Learning, or are they meant to be used side-by-side?  I wanted to check with you before I ask one of our developers to provision the new service for us to look at.




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In my first review of this product it looks great!  I didn't however see ways to add new technologies to the site as it sits today.  Did i miss this in documentation or is this on the roadmap?


Hello All and thank you for these questions.  To answer the one by one: 


Roadmaps will be published here shortly.  We have another content release in July and we are working to structure our roadmap schedule. The Driving Adoption forum will be the primary publishing location for service announcements, roadmaps and other information.  Detailed release notes will appear in our documentation location at https://aka.ms/M365LPDocs beginning in September.  @Trebor1761 @Xavier_Mabille 


Microsoft 365 learning pathways HAS replaced Custom Learning for Office 365.  We now have additional content from across the company specifically for Windows 10 so we needed to expand our name.  @RichardP 


Currently the technology list is static at this time.  In the meantime we'd suggest using the Category area which is fully customizable and adding a new "product" to accomplish the same goal.  @amycolemanrocks 

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Thanks for the follow-up replies @Karuana Gatimu .  We are going to deploy the Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways site and start exploring the content.

If you’ve deployed the Office 365 Learning Portal, do you have to re-deploy this version?
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Awesome! Will deploy the Beta version today!