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I just discovered much of the content on my Docs.com account is now blocked:


"Your document is no longer visible to others. Our system flagged it as possibly containing sensitive information. To make it available to others, you can download it, review the

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Adding @Nobuko Miwa from the Docs.com team to help shed some light on this. 

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Hi @Cian Allner,


agree as lots of people use it as their blog or other info to be pubic... understand when it is a credit card number you want to hide it..




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Last fall I had used docs.com with my O365 account to post a few things. Then today I attempted to login and it said I needed admin approval to use docs.com with corporate account. Being the admin I was able to fix it. However, was this something added re

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Yes, when it was brought into the O365 settings area it's now a tenant-level control whether users can have access to it or not. I also found it disabled by default where... Read More
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What would be great is if you offered a tool that allowed me to have a navigator that when the user clicked the Nav link (I drag and drop docs into the Nav link bar, at l... Read More

You can now publish your OneNote notebooks on Docs.com. Now you can spread lesson plans, classroom projects and other educational resources through OneNote notebooks, and teachers and students all over the world can view, annotate, and reuse your notebook

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I don't think Microsoft considers HIPAA and other security concerns when releasing new tools and/or features. Given that, we need to disable our users from being able to connect to our Office 365 tenant with their corporate account. I have the support art

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Just A question if they may not use docs.com they can still acces it even if you do not want it becaus they can use a personal account.