Microsoft Ignite | The Tour heads to Sao Paulo, Brazil!


Got an interesting story to share about your Diversity and Tech journey/experience at work or in your local community? Share it with us here by leaving a comment below and stand a chance to walk away with a limited edition #DiversityandTech travel adaptor as a thank-you for sharing your story with the world, and to encourage you to continue to plug (get it?!) into the community around the world! :)


DT travel adaptors.JPGStand a chance to win a limited edition #DiversityandTech travel adaptor when you share your story with the world at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour!

 Some ideas you could share about:

- How did you first get started in technology?

- Who inspired you to join the tech industry, or become passionate in technology?

- Have you had any mentors who inspired you on the journey, or helped push you to overcome a difficult situation or adversity?

- How will you give back to society? (e.g start a nonprofit group, mentor students from underrepresented minorities in STEM courses etc)


We want to hear from you! :) 


Please note: Contest only open to in-person attendees at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Sao Paulo 2018.


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Happy to be at the #Diversityandtech community at #MicrosoftIgniteTour #Berlin. 


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Excited to Be here at the Diversity stall #diversityandtech #berlin #ignitetour2018 


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My initial motivator to join the tech industry was my grandfather, a practical engineer, having slot of tools at his yard where I used to play. So I work and study all my life in order to bring science to every day-real life processes. A. I. nowadays is huge enabler to help people in difficulty or special needs. 


I started at a Microsoft shop working on a consumer goods CRM software.

I was inspired by 80s computer games.

- How will you give back to society? (e.g start a nonprofit group, mentor students from underrepresented minorities in STEM courses etc)

I’m actively involved in the Berlin community. I run the @DDDBER and @fullstack_js meetup and also run different workshops and speak at meetups and conferences.

#Inclusion and #DiversityandTech is an important topic (not only) at @microsoft #MSIgniteTheTour


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Tech was in my live since i was a little boy. My father worked for a big German TV Producer. 

I always said: „I will never do, what my father did.“ And.... i did, what may father did. 

I wor in Tech for 27 years now and i have to do with many different people. Diverity is always a good thing. 

Thanks for inviting me to #MSIgnitetheTour and #DiverityandTech

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I started when I thought about what to study. So I wanted to do something with technology and People. 

Now I am an Office 365 Consultant and Trainer. I really Love my Job and the possibility to help other ones by working better together.

A lot of different and successful women inspire me every day and I am so happy that women start to support each other.


Thank you everyone for sharing your inspiring stories so far - please keep them coming in! :)

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I hope you liked the gingerbread 😃


You were all awesome and had to get something special.


Have a wonderful winter vacation!

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What a wonderful place to share your knowledge and to learn #diversityandtech #msignite

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My career in technology started from the very first job, where I knew I was on the right track. From the beginning, I always had great women to guide me and inspire in the technology career, which made me want to learn and to fall in the area. I am lucky to always have brilliant people around who patiently give me a lot of knowledge. I believe that being a woman in the area of ​​technology is a wonderful challenge and the search for all the knowledge that we can receive and not being lazy to teach to whom deserve and need will be my way of giving back.
My career in technology started accidentally when in a classified I found a vacancy of assistant for Information Security company. It was there that I met my husband and fell in love with technology. Acting at Microsoft I loved it and never left the area again. There were many difficulties and complexities on the way but I could always count on incredible people who helped me to overcome the challenges. After all, being a woman, wife, mother and woman of technology is only for the truly empowered.
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Sharing knowledge makes the people better, this change the world and made people live better together. #msignite #diversityandtech

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A tecnologia me encanta diariamente!

Prceber o quanto a tecnologia tem mudado o mindo, com informações e agregando valores em todos os serorsee serviços...saufe , educação, além do mundo corporativo!

Que a tecnologia seja utilizada sempre a nosso favor!

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Excelente iniciativa!!! Stand toooop!!!! A diversidade precisa de cada vez mais foco no cenário de tecnologia! #DiversityandTech

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As grandes pessoas que conheço são justamente as que estão fora do lugar comum. É a diversidade que permite o mundo mudar.