Microsoft Ignite | The Tour heads to Sao Paulo, Brazil!


Got an interesting story to share about your Diversity and Tech journey/experience at work or in your local community? Share it with us here by leaving a comment below and stand a chance to walk away with a limited edition #DiversityandTech travel adaptor as a thank-you for sharing your story with the world, and to encourage you to continue to plug (get it?!) into the community around the world! :)


DT travel adaptors.JPGStand a chance to win a limited edition #DiversityandTech travel adaptor when you share your story with the world at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour!

 Some ideas you could share about:

- How did you first get started in technology?

- Who inspired you to join the tech industry, or become passionate in technology?

- Have you had any mentors who inspired you on the journey, or helped push you to overcome a difficult situation or adversity?

- How will you give back to society? (e.g start a nonprofit group, mentor students from underrepresented minorities in STEM courses etc)


We want to hear from you! :) 


Please note: Contest only open to in-person attendees at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Sao Paulo 2018.


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Happy to be at the #Diversityandtech community at #MicrosoftIgniteTour #Berlin. 


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Excited to Be here at the Diversity stall #diversityandtech #berlin #ignitetour2018 


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My initial motivator to join the tech industry was my grandfather, a practical engineer, having slot of tools at his yard where I used to play. So I work and study all my life in order to bring science to every day-real life processes. A. I. nowadays is huge enabler to help people in difficulty or special needs. 

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I started at a Microsoft shop working on a consumer goods CRM software.

I was inspired by 80s computer games.

- How will you give back to society? (e.g start a nonprofit group, mentor students from underrepresented minorities in STEM courses etc)

I’m actively involved in the Berlin community. I run the @DDDBER and @fullstack_js meetup and also run different workshops and speak at meetups and conferences.

#Inclusion and #DiversityandTech is an important topic (not only) at @microsoft #MSIgniteTheTour


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Tech was in my live since i was a little boy. My father worked for a big German TV Producer. 

I always said: „I will never do, what my father did.“ And.... i did, what may father did. 

I wor in Tech for 27 years now and i have to do with many different people. Diverity is always a good thing. 

Thanks for inviting me to #MSIgnitetheTour and #DiverityandTech

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I started when I thought about what to study. So I wanted to do something with technology and People. 

Now I am an Office 365 Consultant and Trainer. I really Love my Job and the possibility to help other ones by working better together.

A lot of different and successful women inspire me every day and I am so happy that women start to support each other.


Thank you everyone for sharing your inspiring stories so far - please keep them coming in! :)

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I hope you liked the gingerbread 😃


You were all awesome and had to get something special.


Have a wonderful winter vacation!