[Giveaway] Microsoft Ignite | The Tour lands in Singapore on Jan 16-17, 2019!

Got an interesting story to share about your Diversity and Tech journey/experience at work or in your local community? Share it with us here by leaving a comment below and stand a chance to walk away with a limited edition #DiversityandTech travel adaptor as a thank-you for sharing your story with the world, and to encourage you to continue to plug (get it?!) into the community around the world! :)


DT travel adaptors.JPGStand a chance to win a limited edition #DiversityandTech travel adaptor when you share your story with the world at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour!

Some ideas you could share about:

- How did you first get started in technology?

- Who inspired you to join the tech industry, or become passionate in technology?

- Have you had any mentors who inspired you on the journey, or helped push you to overcome a difficult situation or adversity?

- How will you give back to society? (e.g start a nonprofit group, mentor students from underrepresented minorities in STEM courses etc)


We want to hear from you! :) 


Please note: Contest only open to in-person attendees at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Singapore 2019. While stocks last.


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Back in high school I was partnered with under performing students in our class to tutor for  Math and English subjects. It's fulfilling when you found they improved and even got highest ratings in the exams. Best advise I could give is be natural and treat your mentees as a person too that want to achieve the same way as you do. In my job now, I practice the same for those who requires help and assistance in their day to day task.

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Technology has empowered people to connect to reach out to a greater community regardless of gender, status, nationality and views. 

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Technology has empowered all people to reach to a greater community. It does not matter who you are anymore.
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Technology has empowered people to change lives and to reach out to a wider audience regardless of race, religion, and gender.

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Everyone has a role in bringing technology as an enabler to everyone. 

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I am passionate about technology and i started in it during my school days. I didnt have a mentor as such but I highly regard Steve Jobs as someone to look up to. I want to build and work on technology so that it touches lives of common people.


Using Office to proof read my documents and slide decks to make sure they are inclusive to people visually impaired, blind or colour blind. Cool stuff the software can do for us now and make us more aware!