Was IE Mode Disabled?


Latest Dev release and the open in IE option under 'more tools' seems to be gone, even though the options to enable still exist under edge://flags.

Has this feature been disabled?  Is there some reg key I may have inadvertently tweaked?  I cant find any announcement of it being pulled so looking for clarification.

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Sean Lyndersay @SeanOnTwt (Edge team)

Update: the team checked in a cmdline flag that should unblock your scenario. Just add the flag "--ie-mode-test" to the launch parameters and the "Open in IE mode" menu will reappear. Note: in Canary (and next week in Dev) you'll get an reminder infobar on startup. hth.



1. Right-click your Edge Shortcut - Microsoft Edge Dev > select properties
2. In target add --ie-mode-test to the end of the line
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\msedge.exe" --ie-mode-test
3. Click [apply]button
4. Start Microsoft Edge Dev
5. You will see an infobar message - "You're using an unsupported command-line flag --ie-mode-test.
This poses stability and security risks." 

Click the [x] to remove the message

6. Enable edge://flags/#edge-internet-explorer-integration
7. Click ... menu > more tools > Open sites in Internet Explorer mode


why this is so complicated to activate?

@Alexander Jacubowsky  

I have read it was always intended as an option for business only because they sometimes have certain internal websites that only work correctly using Internet Explorer. We were only testing it for them. IE Mode will probably be easy for a company to setup with a simple switch on or off, without editing the start up link when using the new Edge on Windows Enterprise version.

Here is the Official documentation for how to enable IE mode. It's a business and enterprise feature and it's supposed to be deployed using the group policy:

You can get the Group policy files in here:


Please also allow all useres to open an webpage in IE Mode using Menu-Tools-Open in Internet Explorer.

Often IoT devices like video recorder, IP, cams and network devices as well as older Webpages require IE Mode.

So also non Enterprise customer would need this mode.

Best would be to enable normal customers to,add an website to an list of sites always opened in IE mode, without need to implement an group policy and local domain.

Tis list can be saved the way the enterprise list is saved.


Not only enterprise! 

I have 4 devices require the IE with ActiveX or Java!

I am not am Enterprise customer with an domain.

@Alexander Jacubowsky  I agree with you. If you have not already please click the smiley face to create new feedback to Please allow ie-mode for everyone not just Enterprise customers.

Those types of devices you mentioned are relatively all new, i don't really think they need IE to run. o.O


EVEN if by any chance they need the IE then you can just go ahead and USE Internet explorer that is already on Windows. i don't understand why you need to use it inside the new Edge. O.o


i have an video station from hikvision from 2017. it needs an active x plugin to display video .

it do not work in any other browser but edge in ie mode will also work.

also i have an older network switch from HP that need ie or is mode.


if you mention IE to use, why you integrate IE Mode in Edge? Also enterprise could use IE forever ?

I like the Interface of Edge together with the IE capability if needed.

@HotCakeX I was informed, that later this year, after installation of new Edge the Old Edge and IE will be removed from the desktop, so it can't be used any longer.

Is there any official document or link that says Microsoft is gonna remove IE from Windows?


It seems a lot of Folks don't know or realise IE is in their OS.  IE on its own... w/out any need to pull it up through any browser.  It seems some people are aware that it is in their OS & always has been.

I am not certain if I have actually read it as in anything official... but, it sure is my hunch that once Edge is replaced by Edge C AND IE Mode is available for Enterprise, (actual) IE availability elsewhere would end. Its day are numbered & have been for a while.

The only reason it has lingered (after Edge came along... Edge was a replacement for IE) is for Enterprise.  Ergo, w/ IE Mode for Enterprise, actual IE can be put out to pasture.

For general Users the issue is not a need a for old IE, but, a need for contemporary software... it's vendors & manufactures that need to climb out of the dark ages & not be giving people IE exclusive products.  It's dumb of them to offer stuff (only) for a browser that is hot on the heels of the dodo bird.