Two way bookmark sync between Google Chrome and Chromium Edge?

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I've enjoyed using Chromium Edge as my main work browser, but prefer to keep using Google Chrome as my personal browser. However, I'd like to use my current Google Chrome bookmarks in Chromium Edge, but also have any new bookmarks that I add to Edge sync over to Google Chrome. 


I would think that since both browsers are based on Chromium; it shouldn't be too hard to implement a two way bookmark sync.  

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Hi @BryantB, while we would like you to feel like Microsoft Edge could be your one and only, we understand the need to use multiple browsers.  Unfortunately, we don't have any control over what Chrome does in their browser with regards to sync.  You can always import your Chrome bookmarks into Microsoft Edge by going to the Profiles page in the Settings menu, and selecting Import browser data. This will open a small pop-up that allows you to select what browser data you would like to import and from what profile and browser. There may be some extension that makes this unnecessary, but I am not an expert there.  Maybe someone in the community has a good recommendation.

Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk Thanks for the response! I know it was a long shot, considering that it would be across two different types of accounts. Perhaps an extension will popup at some point!