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Getting crashes on various sites starting with One one site in particular (https://theoldreader.com/) it's easy to reproduce the crash just by hovering over the hyperlinks in the left subscriptions side bar. Simply moving the mouse cursor over any of those items results in an immediate crash of the current tab.  On other sites it feels like the crashes are related to ajax calls or DOM events but I am not able to reproduce the problem consistently.






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Do you mean these links?

Annotation 2019-08-07 205219.png


I tried to click on every link i found in that website and related pages and couldn't make the Edge Canary crash.

@HotCakeX No, you have to hover on the subscription links on the left side bar. I just tried it on a brand new throw-away account.  In the recording below, i'm moving the cursor over the subscription links (not clicking).



Oh okay yeah I made a dummy account, added stackexchange and on mouse hover the page says it has problem.
Yes, having same problem as well.. Clicking in a search box on Facebook and other sites causes the same problem... I have sent a smiley about it...
This seems to be fixed for me with todays update on Canary.. Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)..


@Dennis5mile Thank you! Confirming that it's fixed for me in as well.


I have the same problem but on the Amazon website.

@The_Noah I'm actually still experiencing this problem randomly, is anyone else still seeing these errors anymore?


I'm running the latest version. Planning on doing a clean install over the weekend if the problem persists just to see if it's something on my end.

Yes! I have started seeing this again randomly but relatively frequently in the last few Canary versions.
Well, that saves me a clean reinstall at least.

Hope they can find the cause of the error as I haven't really been able to pinpoint any one thing that causes them. Sometimes I'll refresh the crashed page and click/hover/do the same things as when it initially crashed and it works just fine.
I have the same exact behavior. I have sent multiple "smiley face feedbacks" just to get as much diagnostic data as possible to the Edge devs. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Yeah, seems to have resurfaced for me as well, just not very often...
Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

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