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There is just one reason why I'm not able to migrate from FF to Edge Chromium: Syncing tabs or sending tabs to another device is not yet implemented! Is it already on the roadmap?

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Yes absolutely,
Open tabs syncing is currently in a Controlled feature roll-out state, meaning that only a select group of Edge insider users have access to it for the time being, soon it will be generally available to all Canary users, then Dev and finally Beta users.

after that on the road map there is History and Extension syncing.
The full sync options will be added before the final and stable version of the new Edge browser will be released.



A supplementary answer to your question, you can use the Share function in the Edge insider browser And the Your Phone app on your mobile phone to send tabs and links to your devices.


This way is different from browser syncing and can be used right now


These instructions are from Edge insider Version 79.0.301.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Annotation 2019-10-12 023754.pngStep 1, click on the Ellipsis menu on the top-right corner of your browser



Annotation 2019-10-12 024023.pngStep 2 - select Your Phone app from the list



Annotation 2019-10-12 024157.pngStep 3


Annotation 2019-10-12 024133.pngStep 4



Let me know how it goes,

here is the official help regarding the Your Phone app

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