Suggestion: More (productivity) features on the New Tab page

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Hi, first off, a special shout-out to all the Edge team for your work so far; even in it's current state, the new browser look really good & promising.

I would like to suggest some features for the new tab page to make it useful in more productivity centric environments :

  • Option to disable feeds on new tab: I feel like they are somewhat distracting, even when set to "on scroll"; since it make a white bar on the bottom of the page & the slightest scrolling bring them up.
  • More productivity optional features on new tab, that can be toggled on & off like the "most visited"option, including :

I think that, with those features, the new tab may become a useful dashboard to look at; with less distraction & more productivity; & by making those features optional, it will still be useful for those seeking recreative browsing.

Thank you, & keep up the good work :thumbs_up:

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Thank you for the kind words AimanJ. We are very pleased to hear that you're enjoying the preview builds.

The suggestions you have for the New tab page are great! We love the feedback and encourage you to keep it coming.
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