Running as different user in Domain joined desktop always uses current user.

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When a machine is domain joined, and browser is InPrivate the current user credentials are continually used rather than prompting and/or using new credentials.


This is something Edge and IE can handle well that Chrome never could.  I see that the Chrome behavior has been inherited rendering it nearly unusable in scenarios where different accounts are used from the same desktop.


Any chance that removing Chromes windows credentials and replacing with Edge/IE is on the roadmap?

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Thank you for your questoin, @Deleted. I will pass on your four feedback. We are still making changes to the way we handle accounts, so keep updating and let us know what you think.

@Elliot Kirk 


As a base test, use and use the switch user menu on a domain based workstation.  No matter how hard you try it always stays with the currently logged on user.  Even when InPrivate. Contrast that with a non-domain machine, or and Edge based InPrivate session which just work.




@Deleted Are you using the Dev build? Recently, the Edge Canary build was changed here to make it behave like legacy Edge such that Windows Authentication is set to manual in InPrivate mode.



Nice, assume that will be in the next dev, which is what I'm running.


Once that is there it will be my default.  Nice job people.

I just tried on the latest Canary build and I see the behavior that @ericlaw is seeing, where Normal windows log me in automatically, and InPrivate windows ask for my creds. You can always install the Canary build side by side with the Dev build if you need this behavior today :)

@Elliot Kirk 


Yes thanks.  I have also verified that I am now able to use alternate credentials in the canary build now.


I'm all in :)


The 'sign in with a different user' feature in the actual web site doesn't work still, but the InPrivate is an acceptable workaround.  


Thanks, I wasn't expecting this any time soon.  Expectations exceeded!



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