Read Aloud for PDF files is greyed out

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This week's new features include Read Aloud for PDF files. That option is greyed out when displaying a PDF file. However, it works fine for web pages.

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@NicolSD- Maybe it's being revised. I noticed the "normal" voice sounds slower than it should. I compared it to other website voice readers. It's at though the Egde version's 1.00x should actually be the 1.25x to sound normal. The current 1.00 one sounds more like it should be 0.75x. 


Hi @NicolSD, this is my fault, I jumped the gun on this announcement.  We are making progress towards Read Aloud for PDF, but it is not ready yet.  Sorry - Elliot

Hi, @Elliot Kirk, i am glad to hear that this feature will be available. Is it possible to know how long you intend to have this option developed? Thank you for your attention and wish you success at work.