New tab created from link doesn't come to front

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Whenever I click on a link which opens in a new tab that tab is not brought to the front and requires me to click or switch to it. Is there somewhere I can make the default posiition to open the new tab and bring it forward?  If it isn't an option,  i recommend something which accomplishes this feat.  




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Could you mention which Edge insider version/channel you're using?

Normally, only Middle-Mouse-Button should open links in the background and the usual Left-Click should open the links in the foreground (unless there are some extensions that interfere with the behavior)

here is an example site for anyone wishing to try it:

I'm currently using the beta channel version.


Hi Mikey,

I have exactly the same problem. Installed "Tabs to the Front" from the Chrome store but has no effect. The situation is variable, sometimes tabs open in front, other times they don't.

This is an irritating issue.


Many thanks,


Which version/channel?



Using Version 79.0.309.18 (Official build) beta (64-bit) with Windows 10 1909.





so you right-click on something and choose "open link in new tab" and your expected behavior is that the browser should automatically switch you to that newly created app. is that right?

because that's not what I'd expected. i've been using Google chrome a lot and the new Edge insider is the same, it'd be annoying for me if the browser shifted focus to the newly created tab automatically because if i wanted to open more than 1 link in a new tab, i would have to constantly switch back and forth.



A left click on a link say from Mail would open a new tab at the front when using classic edge. Personally, this is the behaviour that I would prefer or even an option for both would be okay.

You are right about the default situation with Chrome but when I last used it I installed the "Tabs to the Front" extension and this worked fine. Although I have installed this extension in Edge Dev, it doesn't work. I'd be happy if it did because it would achieve what I'd like.



Oh seems like an extension problem
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