Missing Exit menu option

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There is no "Exit" menu option, which means there's no way to close the browser with multiple windows open and resume your session with multiple windows later with the "Continue where you left off" Startup option selected.

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Hi @Boarder2, thank you for your suggestion. How many browser windows do you have open on an average day?
Agree - this is very useful in Chrome.
It depends on the type of thing I'm doing and the device I'm using.

On a laptop/tablet, generally only one window.

On a desktop with multiple monitors anywhere from 1-3 regularly.
Indeed, an odd omission. Visiting edge://quit/ should do the right thing?

@Elliot Kirk 

This is also a problem if you have pwa apps open and decide to close the regular browser session.

Continue where you left off is kind of useless in this situation

@Elliot Kirk  I have 20-30 windows open with 10-20 tabs on each window (I know I have a problem). With Chrome I can exit all Windows and restart and it restores them all. Without this I'm less likely to switch

@Boarder2 -- I have a workaround that only works for the same device (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.).


1- Count how many tabs are open in your browser.

2- Close Canary

3- Launch Canary

4- Your tabs should all reopen. If they don't, go to history. You'll find in "history/recently closed" web pages you visited recently and an item that will say 4 tabs or 10 tabs or however many tabs you had open. Click on it.


If you had more than one instance of Canary open, you will find all instances listed as a number of tabs. Clicking on them will restore ever instance. That's why I suggested you count the number of tabs that were open so you know which instance you are opening. The windows will pop up at their last known position (more or less).

Adding edge://quit to the bookmark bar is the best solution but it shouldn't be necessary.

@Elliot Kirk Adding more information to the discussion, I usually use 2 windows with multiple tabs at work and only 1 window at home.



Agreed, this is crazy. Why no quit menu item like every other browser? I often end up with dozens of tabs open in multiple Windows, and I just can't use a browser that won't allow me to close them all and resume when needed, e.g. for a reboot.

Latest dev build has a Close Microsoft Edge option in the menu now. Thanks for listening!

I'd prefer to see Exit option rather then Close, if they in fact mean the same thing. But it looks like Edge can be left running in the background once its windows are closed.

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