LassPass Extension - Corruption Issues

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Is anyone else having issues with LastPass on Edge Insider? I never had issues on Chrome. I have daily issues with LastPass being corrupted. Then I need to repair the extension and re-authenticate (2-factor) to LastPass. Then the extension gets corrupted somehow and I need to rinse and repeat.


Very annoying since I use LastPass to log into all of my web apps and do not save any logins for my financial institutions or sensitive websites.


Is this an issue with the extension or with the Edge browser?

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I have corruption issues with my password manager app but this comes through the Chrome store rather than Microsoft store
I have tried LastPass from the Microsoft Store and the Chrome Store. Both are version 4.29.0 - not sure what the issue is... any way I can find logs as to why this is getting corrupted?

@bmcclure same experience. tried reinstall. tried "repair." works for a while and then disables as corrupted.

@bmcclure Yes, not only with the LastPass extension, Norton password Manager has the same problem. Both installed from Microsoft Store.

ublock origin and pop-up blocker also have the same problem.



i got correpted extensions like Yay Yet Another Speed Dial , when i repair it all my bookmarks are gone and still repeat after some time , i see fault in Edge somhow corupt chrome extensions


@bmcclure Today i have this issue on all my extension at one, it seem's it's edge who do that since i have extension from both Microsoft store and chrome store

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