Keep an eye on the Edge About page , you'll know when to reboot to the latest version

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I accidentyally saw the update install on Edge. The only problem is that it doesn't ask us to reboot as opposed to the Windows Builds. We've gote to keep the About page open to know what's going on.


Microsoft folks, could we get a notification from Edge Canary when an update is ready to apply?

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@NicolSD I believe that, as with Chrome, the "dot dot dot" menu icon will soon change color when an update is ready to apply. Simply restarting the browser is enough to get the new version.

@ericlaw I did not know about the three dots changing appearance. I stay away from Google like the plague.

As an aside, I wrote an extension that works in both Edge and Chrome to show your browser version in the top-level toolbar; this is useful for general awareness and for capturing the version in bug report screenshots.

@ericlaw -- Thank you very much for that information. I installed your extension. That is a great idea, especially when it comes to bug reports. Great idea.

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